Dr. Lingfang Zeng


Professor, Zhejiang Lab

Head of the ZJ Lab-Enflame Joint Innovation Research Center


Zhejiang Lab Nanhu Headquarters, Kechuang Avenue, Zhongtai Sub-District, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 311121, P.R. China

Email: zenglf@zhejianglab.cn


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Research & Teaching

He teaches and does research spanning: (1) Computer Architecture, especially design and analysis of chiplet-based system-on-chip for artificial intelligence, wafer-scale integration, high performance storage systems, memory hierarchy in multi- and many-core systems, virtualization, computing in memory. (2) Big Data and Computational Intelligence, especially middleware design and development for big data and AI in heterogeneous environments, virtualization techniques, systems support for AI, and data consistency and integrity in large-scale systems. (3) Privacy-enhanced Information Storage, especially oblivious RAM, searchable symmetric encryption, blockchain storage. He is interested in making systems more high performance and high energy-efficient, trustworthy and transparent. His past research has spanned RAID, geographic information system, backup and disaster recovery software. He is always looking for strong students to join the group.


Current Graduate Students: Mingda Ke, Mingkai Sheng.


Current Post-Docs: Zhangmin Huang, Yi Liu, Chenshu Hu, Xiaoyu Liu, Bin Zhou.